If I have a intValueObj will it work with filtering enabled when activating remote function?

if I have a intValueObj inside a tool with a script that activates a remote function that sends that intvalueObj value , can exploiters change the value and when the function gets activated use the edited value?


No they can’t, unless the tool behavior runs according to a LocalScript.


There’s no such thing as a intValueObj? Did you mean ObjectValue?

he meant “IntValue”, but i was also confused to refeer it as “Object”, i’d rather call them instances.
i think it’s because “Int Variables” exist so he had to specify it by “Obj”.

That is correct


If you have a IntValue any time it changed by a server script it will overwrite automatically the one that the client had awareness of unless you created the intvalue on the fly on the client side.

If they change it locally as long as youndont trust that value you are fine. And no changes to a value client side will backflow to the server