If i made a custom hotbar, would i need to remake all events like Tool.Equipped etc?

So basically i’m creating my custom hotbar for my game. But it’s my first so i’m just trying to research it. There wasn’t so much about it online.

If you use Roblox’ Tool instances then it’s pretty easy, if you make your own tools then of course you’d have to recreate any event you’d like to port from the default tool system.

As this reply states, if you intend to use Roblox’s built-in ‘Tool’ class then you can simply use that class’s events/signals, i.e; Equipped, Unequipped, Activated, Deactivated.

If you intend to create a custom ‘Tool’ class you’ll need to write your own implementations for the aforementioned events/signals.

So like when i equip the tool. Would i need to make it welded to the hand myself or?

How did you make the tool? Is it made from the Tool instance? If so it will weld by itself, unless you didn’t set it up with an attachment.

Alr so i use the Humanoid:EquipTool() ? And it will work?

Yeah of course you’d have to script your hotbar to actually show that you have equipped the tool. You can do this with the Tool.Equipped event, and to detect when the tool is unequipped you can use Tool.Unequipped.

Alright. And Humanoid:EquipTool() Wouldn’t mess up anything right? And it would still work with Tool.Equipped, So would Tool.Activated Also work? And all of this wouldn’t automatically enable the roblox standard hotbar?

Yes if you use the default tool system every event would work, and yes the hotbar would show up, I thought you already disabled it. You can use SetCoreGuiEnabled to disable it.

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.Backpack, false)

Alr so, i’ve done this now. But the tools aren’t reacting i’m guessing it’s beacuse i gotta recreate the Activated event with MouseButton1Up? Same with Equipped Event

EDIT: For some reason my tool scripts won’t work. It doesn’t even run.