If I put anything that breaks the TOS on my script will I be banned for that?

Hello developers, :wave:

I was wondering if I put a word on my script that is against the Roblox TOS, will I be banned for that?


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Why, to insult exploiters? Why would that be neccecary?

Moderators would have access to your place so they could look at it. I only think they do that though when the place is under review. Still don’t reccomend it.

While we are not looking to punish anyone for using profanity in their code that is never seen by players, we do take seriously content that, when shared, is dangerous or harmful to others in our Community such as making threats to others, posting someone else’s personally-identifiable information without permission, etc. We generally do not consider Team Create sessions to be shared content, these sessions are private; however, if someone with access reports offensive content, we will investigate the author.


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