If whoever decided that ResetPlayerGuiOnSpawn should only delete ScreenGui and their children could revert this, that would be great

When I tick the ResetPlayerGuiOnSpawn I want it to delete everything in the PlayerGui Folder, not only Instances of ScreenGui, I had to move all my local scripts and SurfaceGui’s into a ScreenGui just so they wouldn’t keep multiplying each time I reset my character, I don’t even know if SurfaceGui’s work under screenGuis.

To be fair the property is doing exactly what it said it would…

It would make sense for the, to delete surface GUIs as well, though!

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I’m kind of confused by what you posted, like not even 50 mins ago roblox updated the PlayerGui to only delete and replace ScreenGuis and the ScreenGuis’ children. Which means anything you parent to the PlayerGui that is not a ScreenGui will be duplicated each time you respawn. So if you have a local script parented directly to the PlayerGui it will run twice if you reset once, three times if you reset twice, and so on.

I don’t think this is intended behavior.

That must be breaking a lot of games right now. I’ll double check

Edit: In studio it’s not duplicating non-gui stuff. Checking more

It might matter to mention I have auto reset player set to false.

Same, in super blocky ball. And it’s not duplicating my non-gui stuff in there. o_O

Well it is for me :confused:

Even happens on just a baseplate with a default LocalScript and ScreenGui in the StarterGui.

Confirmed for me as well. This is a really serious bug, I know at least half of my games will break from this.

Can you see if it’s affecting front page games? If so, it is likely worth making this critical.

Edit: Definitely breaking games. I’ll see if I can find someone who’s awake.

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This issue should be fixed now. There was a bug in the new ScreenGui.ResetOnSpawn code I wrote and I forgot to turn off the flag :(.

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