If you be me what will you change in my game

Hey guy,

I am scripting my game for 3 months and I am not sure if I should continue in doing this. I am posting here my game and be very thankful for every review. Criticism is welcome while it’s not hate.



I think your game has potential. I will look at it more in a few hours and give you a breakdown of my thoughts.

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Thank you very much, i am really happy now.
You make my day. :upside_down_face:

Woah, this is actually a pretty good tycoon-like game! It takes the ordinary and boring tycoons and a simulator spin to make one fun game!

I’d say maybe add a small cooldown when mining as you can just spamclick the ore no matter what strength your pickaxe is.

This game gives of those Booga Booga vibes

[EDIT] - Error pops up when respawning, which prevents the info top bar to work (“Info is not a valid member of PlayerGui” - PlayerScripts.DataAfterRespawn. Best guess, the Gui might’ve not loaded in so you might need to use PlayerGui:WaitForChild(“Info”)

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Thank you soooo much. I really appreciate every word from your reaction and made me happy that after month’s of developing i got positive review on my game.
I am really thankfully for this review and for support :dizzy_face:

also, try making different animations for the pickaxe, so that its not repeating the same single animation

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Do you mean globally or for every pickaxe one.
Its not bad idea. Thank you very much for this point. I appreciate that :slightly_smiling_face:

So like, when you use the pickaxe tool, theirs always a single animation whenever you use it, so i was thinking maybe add multiple swinging animations, so for example, lets say there is 3 types of swing animations, so when you swing, it plays the next swinging animation, and again, and again.

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