If you DevEx, you should automatically get devforum membership

Ever since the new DevEx rule (you must need to make your Robux from a game to DevEx), I think if you DevEx, you should automatically be granted a developer forum account.

people who devex would benefit greatly from a direct line to the admins – they mustn’t need to apply

I don’t really have an opinion on the matter, but I’m not sure DevEx requirements and devforum requirements are the same. For instance, someone could be really toxic to the community and unable to communicate professionally, but still be eligible for DevEx – on the other hand, they’d likely fail to meet the criteria of gaining access to the devforum, so automatically adding users for DevEx might not be a great idea.

That being said, if someone who isn’t a member of the devforurm DevExs, it may be feasible to flag them for review and the staff can manually decide whether or not they’d be a good addition.


I agree, while using DevEx may not necessarily mean that they would be a good addition to the dev forums I think it would be a good way to find new devs who could benefit here if they where flagged for review when they first DevEx.

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Some people don’t make games/art/content for money

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OP isn’t suggesting this be the only way to gain membership. The suggestion is to use this to help find new members for the devforums.

Meanwhile my friend (MLGed) who has 10 million place visits has applied (twice I think) and been denied…

The main reason I agree with this thread is because the developer forums are becoming a very important means of communication to the Roblox developers, and one that should be available to anyone who’s making hundreds of dollars off of Roblox. Especially because it’s very hard to actually get into contact with a Roblox engineer without this forum now days. Not to mention…

Bug reports? Nope.
Moderation review requests? Nope.
Collaboration requests (especially ones with money)? Nope.

This forum is a privilege, yes, but it’s an important one for serious developers. If they are bad to the community, they can be removed, this forum is heavily moderated, I can’t see anyone really causing a problem here.

For example, MLGed as I mentioned above, has made thousands upon thousands of dollars on Roblox, and I’ve had to ask many questions for him, because he doesn’t have an account.

I’m sure failing to pick a better crowd than V3rmillion to hang around certainly didn’t help his chances.

Why would you think he’s involved with them? I speak to him pretty much 24/7 and I know for a fact he’s not on there, so I’m just curious as to where you’re getting this idea?

This post is outdated as we no longer have invites to join the forum, anyone can join if they put in the time to browse/participate. Closing to prevent necrobumps.