If You Publish Your Game Under Your Group, Does The Revenue Of The Game Go Into Group Funds?

Hello Developers!

I am about to start a studio and is planning to publish the games that are made to be published under the group name. I am just wondering how do you publish a game under your group name and most importantly if a player buys a gamepass or spends robux in-game, does the revenue go to the group funds?

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To keep it simple yes they do. All you have to do is upload it to the group when publishing. All revenue from the game goes to group funds. (If you have percentage payouts on, some will go to whoever that person is.)


Thank you for your reply, how do you set percentage payouts? Sorry I have never done this before. @BIoximus

Go to Configure Group > Revenue > Recurring Payout. To add a recipient, click the Add Payout Recipient Button, the rest is straightforward.


I have a question: Let’s say i earn 100 robux from my game whose owner is me. I can get the 100 robux. But if I make the owner of the game a group and the owner of the group is me, do I still get all the robux? Also, if I make the game owner to a group, can I make the owner back to me?