If you remove your OWN gamepass from your inventory, is it possible to get it back without buying it with robux?

I was trying to test if MarketPlaceService:PromptPurchase() works or not, so I deleted my gamepass from my inventory. It worked, but when I clicked the purchase button (thinking it wouldn’t actually take my robux), it actually took some of my robux. I know it’s possible to refund, but is it possible to get your own gamepass back without buying it? I also tried searching the Devforum but couldn’t find a similar topic.

In ROBLOX, there isn’t exactly a way to add a gamepass to your inventory. Therefore, generating a new gamepass is definitely the best solution for this problem.


No it’s not possible, if you remove an item, why would Roblox give it you back?

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Studio has a test mode which you can use to test purchases callbacks without actually spending robux. All you need to do is buying the gamepass in studio, it obviously won’t add the gamepass to your inventory tho.


You can test this in studio like said above. I’m not sure why that isn’t the solution.

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