Ignore this post, we found someone

We can pay USD or R$

Hit me up on Discord for more details please: DeepBlueNoSpace#9869

The group I’m hiring for: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=2969364

Need API to record a very limited amount of player data (Levels in games, and if they have brought a thing) which is Roblox --> Server, and then Server --> Roblox we need to find out if they have brought a thing in a different server, and a way to promote people

Oh post your Discord here please! I have a lot of FRs I haven’t responded to lol


  • Move to Dev Discussion > Collaboration

  • Provide details on what you want instead of ambiguity

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Hey there! I’m not sure if you are still in need of this.

If you are, I have a lot of experience in both LUA and PHP, so I will gladly do this for you!
However, your Discord that you provided in this thread is not correct. Have you changed it since posting?

Not if you spell Lua in all caps!!!


My friend rcouret did the same thing, who is a legitimately good dev, and I was just like “dude…”. He says it’s just out of habit, because he’s used to saying C++, PHP, VB all in caps.

I have spoken to Thernus, not at great lengths, but seems like he’s competent.

Yeah, it was a joke. What’s even better is when people write books on Lua and the title has Lua in all caps.

Yeah, it’s completely out of habit haha!

I’m primarily a web developer, so I’m used to “HTML” and “PHP” and “CSS”.

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