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Oh heck ya. Can i hire u for a small job.
btw is this ur first time making gfx


I really like how the clothing sticks out, aswell as the background and colour contrast!

How did you make the clothes 3D like that?


Some photoshop for textures and displacement in blender.


oh no, separate out the shoes. The pose is pretty weird as well - and he looks like he’s floating instead of stand on a ground. The cloth work is too much - and there for does not look/represent actual cloth. There’s also “pixelated” looking cloth on the top right of the torso which you’ll need to fix. And what is up with those flames? Also add some glossiness to the sunglasses so it looks like it’s made out of glass and metal. The background is pretty bland. Add some normal/bump maps to the ground texture because it looks pretty flat. What is up with the sky too? It looks like there’s just random dots being placed. Overall the guy looks like he’s been thrown outta a spaceship and have been placed in some isolated planet all by himself.


I really like the way the clothing sticks out, giving me that cloth vibe.


I personally disagree; and I enjoy the way the clothing model looks, as well as the stance and shoes look fine to me.

Though, I can agree the sky could use a few stars.


i notice that you have started exploring the clothing folds aspect as well as fire simulations. they’re subtle, and well incorporated into this render. great improvement from the last one i commented on, great job on the terrain as well.


What did you use? How did you make those clothing folds?


Great GFX. I have no advice for your GFX since it’s perfect for me.
I rate that a 10/10, it would be epic if this was your first GFX and you made something this good!
I would also pay 2500-3000 robux for that.

Anyways, how long did you actually make that?

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It took me 1-3 hours because i messed around with stuff in blender:

This is awesome. How’d you get the terrain like that? That’s what I’m struggling on atm. For those of you wondering how the clothing folds work, here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p4mIzojdsc

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I used the sculpting editor and a displacement modifier for the terrain.

Thank you so much! That’ll help me a lot :smiley:

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Oh, i thought it took you 3-5 hours. How did you make something that good in that short time?

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Try adding a higher quality texture the the terrain; it looks blurry.

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Looks kinda similar to someone’s art I have seen before

sorry for apparently copying your work like over a year ago :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Yikes, but I copied people’s works in the past, too :smiley: so dont worry about that.