Ignore Thumbpad movement for guns?

Is there a good way to ignore the mobile thumbpad on a gun script? When I shoot while moving it shoots at where your thumb is on the thumbpad. I use mouse.hit.p right now but if there’s something else I can use to ignore position input from the thumbpad I’ll go with that.


I think InputBegan’s gameProcessedEvent would be true if it’s on the thumbpad?

Try this, it might get you a different, more wanted output.

Also, if users tap the thumbpad rather than swipe it that might be just a problem of how people use the controls :man_shrugging:

Rather that using the mouse, try following the code sample for TouchTapInWorld: https://developer.roblox.com/api-reference/event/UserInputService/TouchTapInWorld
You can use the worldPosition instead of mouse.Hit.