Ignore Transparent Background Of An Image Button?

Are image buttons able to ignore a Transparent Background? I need my image buttons only to be triggered if the mouse is on the image not the background of the image. Is this possible? rn if I click on one of my image buttons it triggers all of them because they all overlap backgrounds. This is why I need them to only be triggered if the actual image is clicked on. All the images I’m using are wired shapes so there aren’t any simple alternatives.

I don’t think so, but you could insert multiple image buttons without any image (smaller than the original one) and have a script like this:

for _, button in pairs(button:GetChildren()) do
	if button:IsA("ImageButton") or button:IsA("TextButton") then
			-- your script

Yeah, I thought about doing something like that but like I said the images are complex so it would be annoying to do that and they wouldn’t have a perfect hitbox even if I did. Always ty for the recommendation.

Yeah that’s pretty hard, but to have a perfect result you would have to use an algorithm or something else i guess