IgnoreGuiInset behaviour is different on Xbox compared to other platforms

This is something between a feature and bug, placing it under bug since it is an inconsistent behaviour.

The Core GUI on Xbox does not have the same concept of top bar as PC and mobile - this causes all UI:s that uses the property IgnoreGuiInset to look broken.

The resource labels in the top has IgnoreGuiInset: true in order to be placed in the top bar, while the rest of the HUD is on a separate screen gui with IgnoreGuiInset: false.

Other platforms:

The UI works as intended here.


The top menu gets placed overlapping the resource labels

Reasons for fixing this:

Currently a manual Xbox-specific work around is needed in order to adapt UI:s that use IgnoreGuiInset for Xbox.

I think that Xbox players would benefit from the engine handling this in a consistent manner instead since that would probably fix a lot of UI:s in games that does not specifically adapt for Xbox.


It is consistent behavior as GuiService:GetGuiInset() reports the GuiInset as 0 on Xbox, which is to be expected. Using the IgnoreGuiInset property will ignore this inset for a specific screengui, but developers should spend time positioning their Gui’s correctly on all platforms as each platform displays different CoreGui.

Specifically, IgnoreGuiInset is very applicable and useful when working with a custom crosshair or otherwise positioning GUI elements in the center of the screen.

A feature request asking for a special property or otherwise new behavior that would make this easier would be seperate from these properties.


This is not a bug-everything g you described checks out as normal behavior as I believe Xbox doesn’t have a top bar, resulting in the overlapping behavior

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