IK controller not working on client-side

(Inform me if this is the wrong topic please)
So basically, I have been rigging a robot that uses 2 IK controllers to align the position of its lower legs, it currently works perfectly when I “Run” the project or I am viewing it from the server, but most of the time, one or both of the arms seemingly don’t work.

I’ve tried playing around with a lot of the settings in the IK controllers, but nothing seemed to help.

I am positive it has something to do with the IK controller because there are no current scripts interfering. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions to my issue?
Edit: I should also mention that it sometimes works but some other times does not.
Here is some additional footage:

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Can you attach the script, I assume it is due to RunService not being used correctly.

I’ve disabled all scripts right now, I’m currently using the ikcontrol object.