IK for animation editor

With R15 characters, it would be really nice to have IK for them in the animation editor. There wouldn’t be IK in-game – this would just be for creating animations more easily. Currently if I try to make a hand grip an object, it’s usually a half-an-hour-long process of moving the shoulder so the hand points at the object, moving the lower arm, moving the hand, moving the shoulder to get the elbow in a better spot, re-adjusting the hand, etc over and over again. IK like this would be wonderful:


Often times you would see specific animations need finer control over joints because they may move in a more un-natural position due to the limitations in joints.

Does this still occur often with R15? If so, how can we have IK take this into account or will these users be forced to not use it at all?

So it could be used on external objects like attaching a hand to a lever, IK would have to manually be set up. If specific animations need to move their joints in an unnatural way not supported by IK, they wouldn’t be forced to use it. Of course, it’d be great if IK were tweakable so that it could be adapted to such cases, but we would need more than hypothetical scenarios – actual, specific use cases – to be able to determine where to go from there.


Good luck to whoever implements.

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Full support on this. It’s very difficult to make fluid animations with R15, no matter how much detail I work into the motions. With the bone structure of R15, IK is a must-have. The animation editor works fine with an elbow-less avatar R6, but to max the potential of R15, we need something like IK integrated in the plugin.

The option to use IK would be preferred, so to enable creative freedom.

I’m curious, though. How were the default R15 animations done? Mocap?


was planning on implementing tools for rigging and animating with IK systems in my 3rd, finally competent, shot at an animation editor
eta: no idea lol
edit: i just remembered i scrapped this in favor of making tools for exporting FBX rigs, using 3rd party professional animation software to animate those rigs, and then importing the animations from those back into roblox
eta: no idea lol

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They did it externally.
It’s possible to animate them outside of Roblox, and they can be imported through a method in plugins, but I haven’t figured out the specifics of how it works yet.

didn’t they disable those methods?

Yes, but its possible to enable them.