IK For Custom Characters

Hello, I was wondering if there is IK for custom characters made in Blender and imported into Roblox. Thanks!

I don’t think there is anything built-in to roblox, so it would have to come from a community resource or scripting. Here, here, and here are some I found in the community resources, but you would probably need a good amount of scripting knowledge to be able to apply it to custom characters. Even if it doesn’t fit your application perfectly at first, code from other people can often be bent and changed to meet your needs.

You could also try making your own inverse kinematics solver by using papers or videos published about programming/math in general, although this is usually a much more time-consuming and difficult route, but one that once it’s over, leaves you with a lot more knowledge and with knowing how your program works, which can be really valuable long-term.