IKcontrol character height issue

Hello, I am trying to make a VR full body using IK control constraints.

I have the footplanting and hands complete, but the issue is that I need to figure a way to set up the constraints to have it move the entire body with the head.

For an example, the grey cube outlined in blue, located inside the torso is where the head would be

I want the character to bend down to the head’s position like this


Or maybe even tilt while crouching in real life,

the IKcontrol’s torso is set up as the chainroot being the uppertorso (waist motor6d) and the end effector is the head (neck motor6d), which works, but doesn’t allow the vr user to crouch under something without moving forward.

The solutions I have tried is making the chainroot the Lowertorso (Root motor6d), but the character completely breaks.


Another solution I have tried is setting the character’s Head position, which doesn’t appear to bring the body with it.

My goal is to have the entire body move with height of the headset, I wasn’t able to find any sources because I have been searching lots of roblox full body vr videos, and I haven’t been able to find any one crouching in them.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Got it to work, I made a script that subtracts the head’s y level to the character’s hipheight (2.642) and I set the hipheight to that value.

game.Workspace.Head:GetPropertyChangedSignal("CFrame"):Connect(function() -- game.workspace.head is where the player's vr headset is
	local height = math.clamp((game.Workspace.Head.CFrame.Y - (2.642)),0.1,2.642)
	script.Parent.Humanoid.HipHeight = height -- set the player's height


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