Illusion Laboratory


[size=6]Illusion Laboratory[/size]

So I made another illusion. Now, when you go inside, you have two illusions you can view.

The new one is called “Hallway Inception.” (Named that because it sounds cool and it deals with a hallway.) Tell me what you think. :wink:

Link, in case you haven’t figured out the title is a link:

Why can I not help but think of this…

Seriously though, nice work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve made something like this too. It’s pretty fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

what did you did to my sanity

Pretty neat.

However you can see the seams in the walls with the because of the lighting.
But still, pretty cool.

Ooh, I made something like this a while back.

I like impossible spaces, they’re neat and fun to make!

I added a new illusion. Go check it out :slight_smile:

Amazing job, howeverrrr,
If you union the walls it removes the seams.
if physics become a problem with unioned walls, then just uncancollide the union and replace it with transparent bricks, leaving the union visible.
My hobby is finding loopholes: here ya go.