I'm a beginner at scripting, what are some good practices I could do to practice what I've learned?

I’ve watched all AlvinBlox’s beginner scripting tutorials and PeasFactory’s beginner and advanced scripting tutorials, and want to challenge myself, but have no ideas on what I could try and script to test my skills. Do you have any tips?


If I were you, I would try to work with some usage of the DataStoreService. It’s really important, and pretty much every game worth playing on this platform uses it in one form or another. If I were you, I would practice the creation variables or Integer Values and saving their changed values to a datastore.


Hey! Thanks for checking out my videos. I would say to try make little cool things that challenge you but also aren’t too hard. For example, you might want to create some big red balls from Wipeout. It’s not too challenging but you would need to create an event to detect touches and then change a property in the player’s humanoid to make them fall off (Sit) (Other methods can also achieve this). Once you’ve grasped that, you could go one step further and make the balls dirty once their hit, maybe make them wobble around, etc etc. Get stuck and then ask people, it’s great to make mistakes. Once done, move onto something else, make what you want to make, but don’t get too advanced too quickly.


Moving platforms! They’re a great oppotunity to start learning a service you’ll probably a lot, TweenService but also learning CFrames.

Start off with using Position/Orientation (Vector3), once you’ve got to grips with that move onto CFrames.

Here’s some links to start with TweenService:


Some things programmers/scripters try when testing their abilities would be:


• Proximity Doors
• Music Player
• Calculator App


• Weapons
• Creating a To-Do app
• Client to Server Authentication (and vise versa)


• A vehicle chassis
• Placement system
• Avatar customisation menu

As for getting better at Roblox Lua, I personally learned by reading forum posts and experimenting with code samples. You’ll always want to have a clear idea of the logic of what you’re scripting before actually scripting it (something I learned the hard way) because you don’t want to waste time retyping everything in a different way.

The best way to go for getting better is by exploring. Finding ways to make your code better, but of course getting it to work in the first place. The mind set you should have when creating a script should be “I need to get this working” before “how can I make this better?”. Optimisation always comes at the end and don’t “over optimise”.


Usually my friend gives me an equation and tells me to figure it.

Normally, I would just go through game concepts and see how they made something in that game and try to figure how they did it.

For example: Character Customization, Team Changers, and all that good stuff.


Many devs like me just start trying to make games, it’s like trial and error, but now, that I’m more familiar in the basics and learning the more advanced, I started to read the dev forum(this website we are using right now) and reviewing the codes from scripting support and code review to help myself learn. You should also make small projects such as making doors and easy stuff like that.


I must ask you about the part of ‘retyping everything in a different way’.

So, I felt that, I felt it hard. I think very logically, I know this from me being on an ‘Advanced - MDL League ESEA Team’

Anyway, I can’t wrap my head around some logical thinking, such as ROBLOX scripting. I find myself retyping a whole script because either A: The code works, but it is in the wrong structure so if I try to interpret any more object or functions from my game, it will break. Or B: I just don’t THINK of what or how I’m supposed to do it, and I go for whatever seems to work, and it just goes back to A.

I must ask, how do you think ahead of what you’re writing, and how can you check while writing code to make sure your formatting is correct?


Retyping a whole script in general isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re practicing, but this only applies to a practice environment. If you retype a script 2-3 times, that shouldn’t be a bad thing, however if it’s your 6th or 10th time to retype the script then you’ve got a serious issue.

When you’re doing commissions, you don’t want to have this kind of habit around, as time in a production environment is very fast paced and you’re dealing with actual deadlines.

I’ve classified script retyping into 2 scenarios, the first is Retyping with Reference, and second is Retyping from Scratch.

You’ll want to avoid scripting from scratch in most cases as this is the most time consuming. Based on how it’s called, you’re retyping a script from scratch, back to square one.

Retyping with reference is simply copying and pasting segments of the old script into the one you’re currently working on. This will save you some time.

Similar to a book author’s mind block, if you’re faced with a blank script without proper planning, you will tend to run into “oh no i need to do this all over again”. The way I conquered this is by writing down all the specifics on paper. All the logic of my script is in this paper and I can easily compare all my papers with different versions of my logic (far easier than comparing scripts).

It’s alright to make mistakes, just don’t make mistakes all the time and don’t keep making the same mistake.

btw if you retyped a script like 10+ times, you got sum serious ocd problems bruh


This might be unrelated to the topc but how do you make it so people can grip on to the platform when you use tween service/ cframes/ or vectors you just fall of when the platform is moving

Or you could make a game (just an other suggetstion)

obviously not an advanced one but basic “cash grab” simulators would work or round based games

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