I'm a beginner in scripting, can I do all these stuff or would I need to hire a better scripter?

Hi, I’m working on an FPS game, and I need to script all of this stuff. Keep in mind I’m just starting out in scripting and I don’t have much knowledge to Roblox Lua. (Keep in mind the intermission and countdown is done)

Have multiple spawn points.
Have the guns places in the world be random.
Make a “winners” script.
Have a VIP gamepass.


Sounds like a battle royale lol, you probably don’t need to Roblox already has a battle royale kit to use with all the stuff needed.


The tricky question is if you can improve on it and make it better for your own game which yeah you will need to start slowly
(The given guns and scripts are pretty complex for a new scripter and me lol)

Thanks for the idea though, I got an idea to look into the scripts for my own game especially for the game modes which they got already which I hope I can modify:

  • Last One Standing — Traditional battle royale; players who are eliminated are removed from the match and the last person to survive wins.
  • Solo Deathmatch — Players will respawn after dying; the player with the highest kill count wins.
  • Team Deathmatch — Two teams of players attempt to eliminate the other team; the team with players still alive at the end wins.
  • Free Play — Players can enter the game and play around with the building system, weapons, and vehicles.

The idea I’m going with is an FPS game with an Epic Minigames kind of system. So it’s pretty much a battle royal.

You shouldn’t start of with something like an fps, focus on learning at the start an fps is way too ambitious for a beginner

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Yeah that’s true, however, it’s always good to keep in mind your goals and only do what’s necessary for your goals if you want to complete it.

for @iiAqua_RB if you want to see the process I took:

Here is my project montage on how I began scripting these two months and the projects I took in order to learn how to make a mechgame.

Emphasis on the you gotta take it slow with tutorials and stuff which the project montage didn’t cover, which was like 2 weeks of understanding youtube tutorials + 1 year of Java AP computer science that I did not mention…yeah lots of hidden effort.


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If you want to go for it, well… go for it, but if you just want weather or not you can script these things then my answer would have to be no… and I say this because I myself can’t script stuff that complex yet and I have been doing this for about 3 months, like many others commented, start slow, no one is going to make fun of you if you can only change brickcolor.

In fact this goes to all of the communitiy’s beginner scripters, don’t be afraid or intimidated to post something such as How to change transparency, we all started somewhere and if some people make fun of you for that, then just don’t react remember that those people making fun of you were once just like you, everyone starts somewhere and believe me no one has ever learned programming in a day.


I would recommend learning the basics and maybe spending a month or two on that. And then make your own projects where you try to put in as much scripting as possible and try to learn/solve the things you don’t know how to do.

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If you focus on only what’s necessary for your goals you could easily skip over very fundamental skills and concepts in scripting, I’ve seen many people who try to go into making a game without even knowing what a table is or without even knowing how to use a module. Learning only what’s necessary for your goals will very likely stunt your growth as a scripter by a lot.


That’s a very good point with the flaws of “Learning only what’s necessary” ideology. There’s even a whole 100+ post thread detailing this issue, which I should also check out from time to time:


Reminds me of a post I saw somewhere of a self-taught scripter with hack levels of creativity vs a scripter who studied a computer science degree where they know the best good practices.

I guess we should strive for a balance? Go for learning what’s necessary if you don’t have time and learn everything so you can make the best practices to avoid reworking your code.