I'm a scripter, builder, and a GUI designer, and i'm for hire!

My Development Experience
Hello! My name is Jonathan. I started roblox scripting 2 years ago at the age of 12. Throughout the years, I have worked on many projects, and games(linked below). My first project was SwordFight(First Link Below). Just a few months later I created a small project that greatly shows the increase in my scripting knowledge. Infinite Obby(Second Link Below). Later I made my first game, Running Simulator(3rd Link Below). After all this progression in my scripting, and building skills, the last game I made is the most successful. This game is called egg simulator(4th Link Below). Every day this game attracts over 2k visitors.

Projects and games I’ve made throughout the years:

I am also a builder, here are some screenshots of my builds

What hours am I available for work?
Due to the current situation with COVID-19, I am available every day of the week from 10AM-9PM. If the epidemic comes to an end, I will be available Monday-Friday from 5PM-9PM, and Saturday from 10AM-9PM.

Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per project. If you pay hourly, expect to pay around 2k per hour. If you pay for project, contact me on discord(Discord Below). Prepare to describe the project in detail, and I will give you a quote for the price. My preferred payment method is robux. I currently do not have a PayPal, but I am getting one soon.

Contact Info
You can contact me on discord at: jonjon202#7075. You can also contact me here on devforum, though discord is preferred.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting,

I’d consider when i get more funds from the groups i work with.

We are currently hiring developers,
For a WW2 game and a FPS game.

For the WW2 game: The WW2 game whom is D-Day has been somewhat done the map has been done, but it is extremely basic. We are looking for developers who can help support adding texture and detail to the following:

Beach, landing… Village, Forrest City. And Strong Hold
If you are interested we will discuss in depth in messages.

The FPS GAME: The Fps game consisting of progress on the Dessert map inspired by Call of Duty, whom is a Iraq Afghanistan type middle eastern-type vibe.

Payment: Since we’re all developers whom come together to build astounding experiences on Roblox. Since we know it will be a hit payment is not needed,
When it’s out, you will be given 25 % of all game revenue and profits.