I'm a Scripter for hire, and Im good

Hey there everyone. My name is BetterBe on ROBLOX, although I have a lot to show off on other accounts too.
I own NikolasRage, and MrNil as further references to my skill but now onto the rest of the post-

I can essentially script with any part of the ROBLOX API, I have read as much of the ROBLOX wiki as possible and I have literally made every idea I have come up with (which is to say that goes for building aswell). I have made everything from FPS systems, to Tycoons, to car games, space games, even city games and all from scratch. I work hard and diligently on what i make, and with that I try to have as few bugs as possible (aka 0 bugs). I can script weapons, Plugins, Utility systems, Animations, vehicles, really you name it I could make it.

Here are some links to show off what I have made:

Work on BetterBe (2013)-
The Telekinesis Playground The TK Playground has been mentioned in the December roundup blog post in 2013, and has had a max player count of 157 Online in one time.
My games lobby This is a neat little showcase of some of my minor projects that you can’t directly access from my profile, you can teleport to those minor places from this lobby, It is also OS for anyone to check out.
Simplecraft V3 This game has been on the front page 2 times with a max player-online count of 1655 players. Another version has been made for consistency purposes but has not been released.
Pixelbay testing Area This was a neat showcase of my 2013 skills with GUIs, and has no reflection on my current skills but I am told by many people they like this.

Now lets move onto MrNil (2014).
The Program A cancelled project but now used to showcase my love for aesthetically pleasing scenes.
Environment Sound Testing This was made to replicate a Battlefield-like sound library which would essentially allow for material and mass specific sounds to bounce around the map (like echos)
A3 FPS Engine Testing This was being developed for Fort Alianor 3 (a FEAR game) but was cancelled due to intermediate internet connection problems that prevented good development time. Those problems are now solved.

MrNil is also where I uploaded great scripts and plugins, such as one of my first Admin command scripts.
Triangle Workshop Plugin
GUI Studio Plugin

and Lastly we have NikolasRage, my 2015 main account. Although not nearly as many scripting showcases are here, this is where i show off my building skills.
Lightout, Laser tag concept
ROBLOX Past, and RPG concept from early 2015.
Last Light, a recent concept of an Apocalypse game idea. Development cancelled but may be resumed
Some gun builds for a potential new FPS project.

Aside from all that I have shown in this post I have also been under Master Scripter rank in the “Scripters” group for both NikolasRage, and Doluan, and in the Lua Division group (Ran by ghoulstem) I am Master Scripter under the account “hhiippii”. In Skilled Scripters I was in the skilled rank until I had left it on my accounts, to pursue my own game studio which include TRON Studio (2012), Illusion Studio (2013-2014), and then Studio-R (2014-2015)

So what im essentially trying to get across is I am great with working in teams, I work diligently, and I am experienced.

Im looking to make 100K robux or more by the end of the summer (not for Devex) so I am looking for well paying jobs that some of you may have, so please PM me on NikolasRage if you want to talk privately. I have worked with users such as Vurse, SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX, and lateregistration. You can talk to those individuals as job references.

If you are interested or have any questions please post below and I will definitely reply, thanks guys!


I am looking for someone to work with, and I will pay you a good amount of ROBUX. Add me on skype? “starmarine613”

Sounds interesting. I’ll definitely consider working with you on one of my upcoming projects.

I’m chadmandudeguy on Skype.

I’m looking for a scripter who wants to help me with quite a big medieval/fantasy-themed RPG game. Please let me know on Skype (Youri Hoek) if you’re interested.

I’m looking for a scripter who wants to help me with quite a big medieval/fantasy-themed RPG game. The project needs quite some work and I can easily guarantee 100K robux if it turns out okay without any critical bugs. Please let me know on Skype (Youri Hoek) if you’re interested.

@Teddy Choose wisely haha

I laughed when i saw this

Hello Im looking for a scripter for my games studio : Discord is ROWG_Leader#3822 thanks.

interested to hire you for a gun system

bro you just reactivated a five year post

it’s a portfolio it should be fine?

is it against the rules?

EDIT: Or do you have to make a new portfolio everytime you want to be hired.

His last seen Is Aug 31, '18 and if you check in his profile he is not longer taking scripting comms

Oh ok, but is it allowed to bump portfolios? or like do you have to make a new portfolio every time you want to be hired.

can you do it IF YOU CAN DM ME Peer#4536

Hello! I’m interested can you contact me on Discord? Bzoit#3317

Hey, add me on discord, im interested : Dyfs#1762

The real question here is, how did he find a 5 year old portfolio/why was he searching that hard