Im confused with these errors?

Hi its been a minute, ive just gotten back into deving and want to make hats and heads and ive been running into the same issue and im not sure what to do
ive gone through the issues several times now
ive read the rules for creating ugc heads and know for a fact it doesnt break rules ive just done something wrong
thanks for your time and help
-trouble :slight_smile:

images of issues:

ps the head is supposed to be a glass top and accesories can make the head change types of jars or other stuff (like brain in a jar etc)

if you reply i will reply late i have to go for a bit apologies in advance.

do i restart or what ive messed around with the same model for a bit now and still have acheived the same 3 errors and its quite confusing

Read the ‘Valid Range’ for the positional limits necessary to contain the assets you’re creating.
if you’re referring to how to fix it I do not know as I don’t use blender.

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i just tried to do what you did with no success i was given the same error

a little update i figured out 1 of the errors im trying to skin it but having issuees i still dont understand the first issue
im working on the transparent part aswell.

hey thanks for the help i found out the issue :slight_smile:
have a good day!

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