Im getting a false warning for sexual content

Im not sure if this is normal or not im really confused at the moment i spent almost all my robux on this ad and it got falsely moderated for “sexual content” i don’t know what to do, i just hope they can refund me because im pretty sure there is nothing wrong with the thumbnail.

It’s probably because of the character having no shirt, Roblox sometimes strikes you for those things.
Maybe give him a shirt, and keep hoping they refund you.

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This is pretty obvious, it looks like he’s naked.
Even if he had what looked like pants, the stomach would still count as “sexual content”

It’s not false in the terms entirely, as I can see where they’re coming from.
I just recommend giving him pants & shirts.


In which universe a torso would count as “sexual content" ??? But its roblox so it is what it is.

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No, it’s cause his torso not ending at legs looks like he’s entirely naked.