I'm getting a ton of reports that leaderboards are broken


Ever since we shutdown the Summer games last week due to exploits, and then reopened, I’ve had trouble with leaderboards. Not me personally, but I’ve had a huge surge in messages in my inbox telling me about it. Apparently the boards are mis-ranking users. Someone with 300 points should be in the top 50 players, and ends up getting put down as #3000 or something crazy.

I thought maybe the leaderboard was being slow to update but I’m hearing about this problem all of the time only recently. The daily board updates every 10 minutes and I doubt users are looking at the Weekly board, as I haven’t had these complaints before.

I’m not sure if other games have this problem, but mine sure does. Here’s the link



I can confirm. In two separate places, the leaderboard didn’t update properly sometimes. It could look perfectly fine for one player, and show a player on the incorrect team for a different player. In one game, the teamcolor was set locally (without Filtering), and in the other, the teamcolor was set server-side, but they both had the same issue.

I asked b1tsh1ft about it in IRC and he said it was simply because of how they are updating the leaderboard database in chunks, and the database updates in between each chunk. He said they might look into using a different database stack for leaderboards, but I would think that would take a very long time for them to implement if they were to.

I’m getting these complaints too. It’s with all games using player points so this should be top priority to fix.

I am trying to reproduce this. Who is available to provide better repro instructions?
I went to the above link and scrolled down (a lot) and never saw anything out-of-order.

Find me in IRC or here.