Im getting lots of dislikes

I released my anime based grinding game 2 days ago. Sponsored it with 5k robux. And i can say im about to have 1:1 ratio on like-dislike soon. I can say that, its effecting our revenue and player amounts. I tried making it easier to level up, easier to kill mobs but im still not sure what players dont like? Can you please if its possible check the game and tell me what should i improve?

Hi UmutTurkiye2, You should ask this question to the players of your game. Your player’s comments are your biggest asset when it comes to game improvements. I suggest you post the question on your group wall to get more attention and to the community who play your games.

I tried asking it in disc server a bunch of times but all i can say is you know mostly players that liked the game joins to it so uh i couldnt get any answer.

Try making it look better visually. The road lines for example are really off when you look at real-world roads. Some of the grass areas i noticed have “Z-fighting” meaning there are overlapping textures. I’d recommend looking for duplicated parts as that can often cause the overlapping. Also, why not add some music? Some “swoosh” sounds to the attacks aswell? You also have to understand its labeled “Alpha”. That usually means it isnt finished. Often times people will put paid access on unfinished games to prevent a larger amount of dislikes coming in from players who don’t understand the concept of games in alpha. In-game feedback systems are great for collecting information like this. There are many free ones you can look at for info.


I played your game for 10 minutes until I got to level 5. The only thing I can say is that it’s boring. But that’s just my opinion. I personally don’t like these types of games that you have to grind for 1 million hours (exxageration, of course) to get to the next level. It did feel very rewarding when I hit level 5. The ability I got was cool.

The thing about your game is that there’s a lot of competition. Here are some similar games below:

The reason your game is getting a lot of dislikes is not because it’s badly made. I think your game is well made. The only problem is that your game is too similar to the other games listed above. You need to make your game different if you want people to play your game and like your game.


I believe you are getting way too many dislikes cause it is way too similar to popular games people agree on instead of yours, and maybe it is boring.

If you haven’t already, there might be a way to get more upvotes as it might be boring and doesn’t have many updates:
Add quests, daily quests, weekly quests etc.
Challenges to do.
Fair rewards for completing quests/challenges such as stats/EXP or more. I haven’t seen your game, but it could be it is hard to level/buff up. Maybe make that a bit easier as not everyone is good at your game. I may not be right, but this is what I can think the reason is. Maybe try adding updates every few days or weeks so players can see and experience new stuff and things and you know. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what else.
If you’ve done all of these already, try the updating every few days or weeks if you don’t do that to make new and old players of all types to be able to experience more.

If you think it was random, and wasn’t any of these reasons contact ROBLOX as you could of got botted.

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