I'm having a little bit of trouble with blender

Hello guys! I’ve been experimenting blender 2.8 lately and i found a very big issue with it.
I don’t know if it only happens for me, but when i try to select one specific part of my roblox character, it always selects the entire character!!

Screenshot of the issue

I’ve tried searching on youtube for someone that had the same problem and didn’t find it, so i thought devforum could help me!!

Is the character inside a collection?

1st of all

You shouldn’t post this on the DevForum, it would be better on a Blender related forum. Since this is barely related to Roblox.


I see you are new to Blender, this is perfectly fine! When you export a Roblox model, it only takes the mesh part of it and basically “joins” them together.
When you import it to Blender it is one part.


You could import each body part at a time.

You can click the character then click “Tab” on your keyboard to switch to edit mode. This can help you move around limbs.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on discord at Bloxrrey#6063, I can explain more in depth there!


Yeah, it is inside a collection.

Are you using edit mode??? might work

Yes!! And what happened was well… this…

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I’m new to blender so i don’t know a fix but keep trying! :smiley:

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That tends to happen when you export entire place files from studio and import them into Blender. The way that studio writes to an .obj is to combine everything into one mesh, and there are three potential solutions for this when dealing with characters:

1.) You can separate the mesh manually by duplicating it and isolating each limb, but that can be time-consuming.

2.) You can import each body part on its own as Bloxrrey suggested.

3.) You can use Den_S’s Blender rig import/exporter plugin to export characters into Blender with all limbs split properly, and it also imports with Roblox studio’s rig attached to it so you can pose the character easily. Using the plugin is a little bit complicated at first, but there are tutorials online to learn how to use it as well as on the dedicated thread found here.

In response to @Bloxrrey -

You shouldn’t post this on the DevForum, it would be better on a Blender related forum. Since this is barely related to Roblox.

I would argue that this type of post belongs on the devforum because the solution to the problem directly relates to how Roblox studio deals with exporting to .obj files. Unless they know how Roblox studio works, anyone on a regular Blender resource dedicated to helping users troubleshoot their issues won’t be able to give solutions to this.


Thank you so much for your reply!! I will heavily consider the third option, as it’s the fastest solution i can possibly find.

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