I'm having AnimationTrack problems

So I have a character animation, but this animation also involves manipulating the tool the player has equipped. All I thought I would need to do is simply attach a track and play it like:

local track = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation) 

It plays the track manipulating the character, but I thought it would also animate a part inside of that tool, since the track edits the tool part to make a swinging animation that looks legit. But it doesn’t manipulate the tool part for some reason. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

Do you have motor6ds connected to the parts they were animated to? If you don’t have them then part won’t move.

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Yeah the part is literally just the handle, when the player equips the tool i add a motor6d to their arm.

local Motor6D = Instance.new("Motor6D")

EDIT: I also tried parenting the motor6d to the right arm, instead of handle. The problem still occurs where the handle doesn’t have it’s own animating like it was made in the animation plugin.

perhaps you forgot to get rid of the “RightGrip” weld which is located in the right arm

I mean this is just a preference but I usually script most of my combat weapons without handles, maybe try using the motor6ds C0 property and getting rid of the handle completely.

That’s exactly what I did, I disabled requireshandle on the tool and made the motor6d the new ‘RightGrip’