Im having trouble with this seesaw

Hello! I am trying to do a seesaw, but nothing comes of it. On the Internet, I found only one video about this and it doesnt work. I am trying to do this using hinge surface. But it just falls down…


1 - YouTube

thank you for the help!

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Hmm, thats a tough one. Try locking it to a side of a part but still can move freely. Or try making it lock to a certain cords but unanchored.


Thanks for the advice! I used ropes to do this and it helped me

That video is outdated.
You need to use a HingeConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation instead.
If you go to the Model tools in Studio and have all the seesaw Parts in place you can click on the Constraints section and the Create tool.
A list of constraints will pop up. You should only need 1 HingeConstraint, but when you select the Create tool the first Part you select in the workspace will get an Attachment as well as the constraint, and the second Part will just get an Attachment.
Don’t worry about the Attachment placement when you place them, you can change them later using this tutorial: Physics | Roblox Creator Documentation


Thank you for advice, I will try it and will send my results

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Thank you! IIt works as it should!
robloxapp-20210620-1416452.wmv (4.3 MB)