I'm horrible at UI design. Help me figure out how to make this UI look unique!


So, currently, I am just ripping off fortnite’s design (nothing is directly ripped - everything is done using roblox frames and roblox text)

However, I really want to make this interface unique - but I have no clue how to go about this.

What kinds of modifications can I make to make this interface more individual and less of a fortnite interface clone?


Hello there,

You can experiment with the frames by using the “properties” tab. You can also change the transparency, add background images, make numbers glow, etc.

You really just have to use your imagination, and practice moving buttons around.

If you want to hire someone to remake it for you, you can make a topic in the collaboration category.


I would personally suggest making the experience bar a bit bigger and put it a bit lower to the frame. Then position the “Level 100” in the top middle. I also noticed your play UI has a frame

That is overlapping with the play button’s frame. I don’t know whats supposed to be there but if it’s for looks I would suggest sizing it down to level with the play button frame.


Something I find useful to remember is: refer back to your game subject and make UI accordingly.

From the looks of your game it has to do with wilderness, maybe you could look into using some wood backdrops? Various survival icons?


Perhaps movie the “Lobby, Store & Inventory” UI up top where the black Roblox bar would be…

Also take a look at making the corners curvy instead of shape and square like - There’s a plugin that can do it for you, it’s called “Roundifier”

Roundifier Plugin - https://www.roblox.com/library/1284049170/Roundifier