I'm looking for a project manager

Good morning all,

RunObby City is a course / obby game in a city.
The object of the game is to complete the courses one by one to arrive at a new stage (checkpoint) and go to the end.
There will be several game modes, the normal game mode and a competition game mode.

about me
My name is donovan i am 21 years old and i live in france, i am french.
I don’t really speak English I use Google Translate so sorry if sometimes things can be difficult to understand.

I always dream of having a community whether it’s on youtube or others or even on a game like now.
But I never achieved my dreams.
I find it more complicated for a little Frenchman like me to create a game because the tutorials on youtube or others are in English most of the time.

about jobs

I’m looking for a project manager who could understand me well.
I would like him to :

  • Recruits
  • Give ideas
  • Manage the project during my absence
    and other.

I can’t pay it yet.
But there will be your name in the game.
a percentage if the game works.
and a big thank you for helping me.

Why help me?
I am French and I have a lot of trouble recruiting people who only speak English.
Most of the time, they get it wrong and do half the work I asked for and I end up with a project that is progressing very slowly despite the money invested.
I work and find it difficult to be active and try to find solutions and recruit with our different schedules
It is a project that is close to my heart.
I really wish I could do it but by myself it is not progressing.

contact me
My discord is Donoozeus#8529

don’t forget that our time fusials are not the same in france it is

Heure actuelle à Paris


Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Bonjour, je suis intéressé à devenir chef de projet dans votre jeu. Avant de penser que je suis français, laissez-moi vous dire que je ne suis pas français. J’ai traduit cela en français en utilisant Google Translate comme vous l’avez fait aussi. Je ne pourrai peut-être pas faire le travail de Project Manger car j’ai mes propres studios à gérer. Si vous avez besoin de savoir quoi que ce soit, je peux vous dire acheter la traduction en français comme je l’ai fait maintenant. J’espère que cela vous a aidé!

Hi, can I apply for the position? I’ve managed a group project once (And it didn’t go well, as the employer was not exactly a good judge of skills), and I would love to help with the game. Although I don’t speak French, nor do I live in the same time zone, I can help make a schedule or plan that will help and and manage you and a team if you have one. Also, sometimes I’ll be up until 2:00 AM PST to chat with you, or I can be up early to help match your timezone in order to help. My Discord is “Weeabus The Pessimist#9127”. Contact me if you need anything or if you’d like to hire me.

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