I'm looking for someone who can make an intro for videos

I can pay up to 5-10k depending on the quality

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Please be more descriptive with what you actually want. Right now, we have no information.

Like Pancake said, please include more information, such as:

  • The game you want the intro for
  • Specific details on the video
  • Perhaps a due date or a set time you want this to be done
  • Contact information

Here is the template for the Recruitment category so people know what you need and plus it seems more professional.

Did I forget to link you the template? Nope: Template for Recruitment topics

Intro for a yt channel with text “ARE Games”

Thanks for the information, but you still lack some more. Take a look at @NicholasY4815 reply, he has the information listed there.

Also, may I ask, since it’s not for a Roblox game, it’s for a Roblox channel then, right?

A short intro for a roblox channel with the text ARE Games.

You are still missing:

  • Perhaps a due date or a set time you want this to be done
  • Contact information

I need it done as soon as possible and I don’t have a due date. I’ll provide contact information through DMs.

There, you listed everything. Thank you.

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DMed you, I’m interested! Would like some more information.

He listed everything and now he needs to add it to the post :joy:

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I meant eventual styles, format, and how long the intro should last. Otherwise, I read the replies and catched up on payment, due dates and such. xD

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