I'm made a lightning generator part

Hi everyone!, i’m working hard on lightning generator that use CFrame functions to generate a lightning bolt , finally i can show first version of it, there is a video

I try to make tutorial on this, because there is no simple and easy on youtube and other social media.


Really neat idea!

Try making it into a “Lighting Bolt” ModuleScript
ModuleScript | Roblox Creator Documentation

Instead of being underneath a part, the module can be reused to create lightning bolts anywhere you want!
it can just take the CFrame you want to zap
you can also add raycasting to determine where to stop the lightning bolt, and return the part that was struck

return function(OriginCFrame)
     --summon lightning bolt
     return LightningBolt,StruckPart
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Thanks for that, but i prefer my system, i would upgrade mine and use it in the future