I'm maked my school game project

Hi, two weeks ago, my teacher give us project to make game, and i though about roblox, soo there we go Game link on roblox, sorry for graphics, i’m maked that in two hours without thinking about it, but it’s functional, and i’m proud of this, please, rate the functionality , don’t graphics xd, and tell me what i can add

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Before even joining the game, I can already see the game has no icons. If you’re trying to get it played by people other than the people you share it with add some.

Here’s my list of issues with the game:

  1. One of the walls has a different font than the other three and (in my opinion) none of the fonts are very good. I recommend finding a different font to use.
  2. Some of the walls say NaN. I don’t know if this is intentional or not. If they set to player names then maybe have it set to None if there isn’t a player.
  3. The goal of the game is not very clear.
  4. The tunnels are quite bland. I recommend adding some terrain in the corners to make them a bit rounder.
  5. The game appears very unfinished since there is nothing in the tunnels. Maybe finish the game and then make a devforum post about it.
  6. There are gaps in the corners of the tunnels. In studio there’s an option to turn off collisions so you can actually have them touch.
  7. After getting speed (for free) the text stays at “Sold…” even though I can buy it multiple times.
  8. There appears to be no point to the stick you are given.

A quick recommendation I want to make is that the items in the shop should have icons so you can see what you’re buying (with the seemingly unobtainable coins)

However I like the start area.


thanks for reply, i’m had a little of time to do that, soo you know, but for first time…

I don’t really understand point behind the game, you spawn in with a stick and you have a plenty of tunnels you can enter and that’s basically it? You have a shop and can buy some things with coins but there’s literally no tutorial or anything how you can earn it, the graphics aren’t reallly well, everything looks bland and uninteresting. Since it is a school project then I understand it’s not supposed to be really high quality but you should atleast give something to do in the game besides going through really long tunnels, also consider making tunnels more interesting and make them go to the sides instead of just being straight forward


Xd, thanks anyway, i’m laugh from this game, maybe my teacher give me good grade

What grade did you get? Char limit

i’ll see, i’m present this game today