Im making this game about liminal spaces

so I’m making this game about liminal spaces which is basically gonna be a maze and the rooms change… so lets say u come to a dead end, all that u have to do is turn around and u can progress further. its also meant to me more uncomfortable then scary, like when u get the feeling that ur being watched or something is following you and there will be…who knows :wink: there are also gonna be sounds playing and multiple endings and cutscenes its gonna get more weird and distorted as u move on. its gonna take a while to finish it probably taking multiple hours and u cant save (there is probably gonna be a gamemode where you can save tho)

What do u guys think about this and any tips?


Hmm, that’s a great idea. :+1:

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i started with developing this game 2 years ago, I’m also pretty much working on this alone and its probably gonna take another 2 years to complete