I'm not sure how to make a part very bright

I want to make a glowing part move across the screen.
The part isn’t bright enough. I tried making it neon, making the color 255, 255, 255, I tried making bloom super high. It’s still too dark.
This is what it looks like:

Can’t find it? Here is the part and it’s particle trail:

It’s barely visible even though I’ve tried many things. Any ideas on how I could make this A LOT brighter?

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It’s because your lighting settings are too dark

If you mean ColorCorrection I cannot change that. In my lighting settings it doesn’t really show much I can change to make that brighter.

So change something other than color correction.

If you don’t wish to do this, use a GUI or a highlight.

I’m not sure how I would do that.

I do know how a highlight would work, so I’ll show you that.

The highlight instance should be able to bypass the lighting in your game.

Would I be able to do that to the particles that make up the trail too?

I don’t believe you can add a highlight to particles, so no.

Do you know any way to make the particles more visible without creating more of them?

try changing the LightInfluence of the Particle

Z-index aswel. Z-index is the order in which things are shown, so you can move it to the front by either raising or lowering the number

I tried that and set it to 1 thousand. I tried the same with the LightEmitted or whatever it’s called but it made it only a bit brighter.

I could not find anything by the name of Z-index. The closest thing I found was Z offset.

Set it to 0, not 1000, if its set to 0, The lighting in the workspace wont have an effect on it

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Which value are you talking about? Before both were set to 0.