Im planning to do a multiplayer game for the first time and I need help

So basically, I from the very start Ive always made games for only a single player for a one server, because it makes it easy for me and im not really good at handling game rounds and etc.

So im trying to know what I should apply on making my first multiplayer game, Im used to always using LocalScript for my singleplayer games because they’re client replicated and does little to no lag unless your loading an asset.

So what should I be learning right now and applying them? should I be learning remotes?

When working on a multiplayer/online game there are a few factors to consider including by not limited to:

  1. Handling player data
  2. Handling server to client communication
  3. Knowing what kind of boundaries to set between the client to server bridge
  4. Just the general idea of “latency” and “lag” because those will come in handy when programming complicated system that need client input and server validation and vice-versa.

Other than that, it’s not hard at all! It’s very fun to do as well, I’m always the learn through experience type so I do suggest looking into articles and such then trying to develop some sketch games in order to learn how to properly handle things that I listed above.

Do keep in mind that there are a lot of other things that you should probably know when working on an online game, which is why I suggested learning through experience.

Goodluck and have fun! :smiley:


Yes, I always try to learn something by reading articles and examples then applying them then when I get the hang of them they add up to my experience vocabulary, they last in my memory by how much I use them, if I dont use them that frequently, I easily forget them.

Another question, is implementing Filtering Enabled to my game worth it?

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In this era of Roblox, there is no “worth it” for filteringenabled, you’re forced to enable it by default.

FilteringEnabled promotes the idea of “Knowing what kind of boundaries to set between the client to server bridge”, when FilteringEnabled was first introduced nobody used it because people thought it’s too much of a “hassle” to use or just wasn’t worth it to port your whole game to server and client communication in order for it to function.

FilteringEnabled stops the client from ordering the server around with the exception of the RemoteEvent/Functions usage.

So yes, implementing FilteringEnabled to your game is worth it.