I'm so EXCITED about my compression

That’d be amazingly helpful to a lot of us!

What game?

It’s a sequel to

But I’ve decided to do it over from the ground up and do pretty much everything better. The new game should be out before the end of January.

i was looking around on google’s youtube channel as they have REALLY awesome videos, saw this and it reminded me of ya :stuck_out_tongue:


An update on this since I’ve launched my game. A player made THIS plot

It’s ~100,000 part count total

Saved plot after 1.15 seconds.[57737|260000 - 22.21%]

22.21% of the maximum save size in a datastore key


Soooo, it’s been a year, and this post has a lot of likes… any chance of looking into doing this still?


I too would like such a feature since I’m making a game that could use it (and never attempted to make my own compression sytem before…)


In the meantime, the general text compression I used (on top of my own custom stuff for this specific use case) is available here Text compression


I can’t find the post where this was mentored, but basically someone wanted to make a working camera with Viewport Frames, however the compression needed to store such data to a database and retrieve them would need to be something like this.

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Bumping this again, is there any plans for this in the future?

Would be pretty useful, currently we use a custom implimentation of LZW and string.pack for reducing network load, however compression like this could allow for more possibilities.


Hey is there any update on this? I would love to have some compression utilities that I can use on my game.

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That is really amazing and this would benefit so many developers

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