I'm trying to get UniverseId for my game

I need to give my game access to an audio but I can’t get universe id to do it.

I tried using this link but it didn’t work

Avoid confusing placeId and universeId. You’re looking for the placeId in this API. Also I can find the place inputting this into the URL for the place:

Perhaps there’s something off?

Edit: NEVER MIND, there was a post I remembered some months ago:

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I don’t understand, in other posts people used this link to get universe id. How am I supposed to get it then?

I found out they have sunset the api.roblox.com.
https://api.roblox.com/universes/get-universe-containing-place – returns error 500, which is on Roblox’s side(it’s not being maintained and is probably shutdown)

Look into the previous post for more information.

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Try the new API route instead:

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