I'm trying to make roblox gore

im trying to make roblox gore using substance painter

i have the model ready and i’ve textured it up too, but for some reason the skintone doesnt change, i’ve figured out the root of the problem but i genuinely dont know how to fix it easily without just having to cut out every single invidiual part of gray in this model, any thoughts?


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When I make gore there’s two things that I do.

I import the mesh itself without the textures and name it “Color” so that the gore script can change skin tone accordingly.

Next, I clone that mesh, set the transparency to 0.011 and material to fabric. Inside the cloned mesh, I insert a SurfaceAppearance. I make the alpha mode “Transparency” I set the color map and everything else how it should be, and now it should be finished. My result with my gore:

(I also use a seperate mesh fir the inside, you might not have to do that.




You said you’ve already textured it, as seen with the SurfaceAppearance, did you set all non-gory parts of the mesh, that being the skin, to be invisible (alpha 0)?

ill try this method real quick

yeah thats the source of the problem, i dont know how to get rid of the roblox textures in substance painter and im trying to figure out a solution

okay so for some reason, it decides instead of being invisible it just turns gray
which means the textures are messed up, and if you look into my files
theres a head texture built into the blood, im trying to get rid of that in a simple way or use a workaround

do you have a more visual guide of what goes on in blender and substance painter on your side? or atleast a tutorial video which says anything about this

the thing with your texture image is that it isn’t transparent-make the “alpha” when making a new base color in blender, set it to fully transparent, OR maybe an easier solution use an online background remover, although that may get rid of some very small details. here’s one of my textures as an example.

I do not have the 100,000,000,000,000,000 dollar substance painter and idk how to use anything else so I paste images although that still looks good once I get UV map right

I never watched much tutorials when I got to importing the gore, I just found this method was also how other gore like untitled shooters 2 was organized.

Or since your using substance painter, before painting, delete the current color and only make the texture.

You might need to separate the model into two parts, a modified mesh of the head without a SurfaceAppearance that changes color, and the gore mesh that has the SurfaceAppearance

i did that already, i divided it into 2 but the roblox head texture stays with it, as in its just purely gray and you cant change it

okay wait, can you give me some recommendations for background removers then?

okay so wait, you mean set the alpha

to 0? i just did that, it didnt work either

Do you import the image as a PNG? Also here’s a background remover

yeah i do

it doesnt work, they’ve blocked russians so i cant access the website

try this one https://www.adobe.com/express/feature/image/remove-background

i finally figured it out

i download this plugin for paint.net, i import the base color texture, get rid of the background which this plugin lets you do REALLY easily REALLY precisely and then i duplicate it because it makes it a bit transparent without changing the opacity of the actual layer

this is the end result. crisp and beautiful, not a single gray pixel in sight

this took me so ridiculously long to piece together but i still appreciate your advise

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