I'm using a gun model, and having issues with zoom

So this gun is a third person view system. And it has a bunch of bugs, where the zoom was locked to third person even when the gun isn’t equipped. I fixed almost all of it. But what I can’t fix, is the player’s mouse right click (to pan/rotate camera) seems to be locked. You can see an example in the gyazo. In the gyazo, I am trying to right click to pan the camera and I’m using WASD to move left and right. But my character and camera seems locked to face 1 direction

How can I unlock my camera? So I know what code to look for.

  1. Could the Camera’s CameraType still be set to Scriptable?

  2. Maybe the function thats runs the right-click zoom is still running even after the gun has been unequipped, if so, try using :Disconnect when you unequip it.

This gun system is very advanced, so many functions. I just don’t know what exactly I’m looking for.

Could you send me the gun model or script so i can see whats causing this issue?

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I found it finally lol, thanks though!

no problem, glad you could find and solve the cause of the issue.

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