Image assets from one place to another

Hello everyone. I don’t know where should I put this topic.
But I am having a problem moving all of my Image assets from one place to another. I have all of the Assets in one place like this. And I don’t know how to paste them to another one. Do I have to re-import it one by one?

All supported appreciated. Thanks

(I tried Ctrl C and Ctrl V but didn’t work)

I have had similar problems, I would just copy the whole file not everything in it and move it over to the other platform.

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Or just try to RMB copy it and CTRL + V

What is RMB copy?
Have not heard of it

So if I want it t work on other place. I have to re import it one by one

I have it all in one folder. But on website. I have to upload it one by one?

Yes, that is one downside of using the website.

Right Mouse Button stands for rmb

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Okay thanks anyways! :smiley: Have a nice day

Since I have had it all in one folder. I have clicked import and CTRL + A the folder. And it imported all the assets. Thanks for help everyone :smiley:

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