Image assets not loading for users in my game

I have created a pet game, on the egg gui to open the eggs the assets do not load for a users first time playing the game, and is thrown loads of “Asset failure to loads”

How do i fix this issue as i cant release my game in this state.

Here is what it looks like

And here is what is meant to show


I don’t think there is a solution to that. Check if the images got moderated. I occasionally get those errors too

Theyre just viewports of the pets that rotate - im not sure how they would get moderated.

Oh, aswell a click icon doesnt show on it either

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Only thing I can think of is ContentProvider:PreloadAsync() before they load in… I don’t really know for sure.

Aaah, something similar has happened for me but for models. For me, I had slow internet then. That’s probably why.