Image blurs in distance

All images do this, yet if I replicate this with parts they don’t blur. Any possible explanations?

What graphics quality level are you using? On higher quality levels, Roblox uses Anisotropic Filtering. It should make your texture look much better, but it requires more texture sampling, which is expensive performance-wise. On lower graphics quality levels, your football field looks blurry in the distance because Roblox is sampling lower detail levels of your texture’s Mip Map. It doesn’t look as good, but it’s cheaper.

As you say, this doesn’t happen with Parts. This is because the Parts’ triangles remain sharp in the distance, unlike texture sampling. If you want to work around your problem, I suggest using Parts for the important lines that you want to be sharp in the distance.


I was using 2 graphics in that specific picture, but I had similar results on 10 graphics.

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