Image Buttons on SurfaceUI handling weird

So I have this SurfaceUI with ImageButtons placed across it with a UIListLayout and the Image buttons on the right side are handling weird, they only work a certain distance from the side. I can’t seem to find the problem. The structure of the UI is in the explorer on the video and for more info just reply with what you need. Thx for helping in advance. :slight_smile:


Had to reupload video sorry if it didnt load in.

You can try setting zindex value of your imagebuttons bigger than frames so they dont overlap.

If that is not the case you should test your surface UI in play mode and see how it acts there.

I would also recommend you keeping your surface UIs in startergui and setting their adornee to the part

This is most likely a UI scaling issue.

Check whether the Frame or the ImageButtons are correctly aligned, sized and aren’t overlapping other UI objects.

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So I have increased the zindex of all imagebuttons to 10 and even removed the image label to check if there is something wrong with that but it didn’t change. Even placing the Frames over the Gui instead of the list didn’t help.

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Send me your surfaceui ill take a look at it

This is the model, I placed the SurfaceGui in the part so its easier to send you. Thank you for helping.
Imagewall.rbxm (12.5 KB)

Found the problem, for some reason your sizing is “PixelsPerStud” which is the main reason image buttons didn’t act well. I dont know why would you use PixelsPerStud, but (IF YOU NEED PIXELSPERSTUD) change PixelsPerStud number to 1, if you dont need it change it to “FixedSize” instead and everything will work fine.

Also, for future if you plan to interact with these buttons on click, keep the surface UI in screengui

Thank you so much. I don’t know why it was set to that

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