Image Change script not working?

Hi! I am currently making a settings menu that contains checkboxes. I made a simple script so when you click the checkbox ImageButton, it changes it’s image. Here’s that script.

local ImageButton = script.Parent

	ImageButton.Image = "rbxassetid://10089834661"

But for some reason, when I playtest, the entire button just goes away?
Here’s the image it’s supposed to change to, not deleted or anything. - Image

No errors in output.
This could be a pretty easy fix, but I just can’t figure anything out.

Most likely it’s because it’s not an Image Id but rather for decals, try putting that image you sent into an ImageLabel/ImageButton, copying the Image property that it now has and use that instead

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Maybe button was not activated.

Try changing "rbxassetid://10089834661" into ""

I tried your decal link in Roblox Studio and it wouldn’t update, so I tried mine and it worked fine.

It’s active, weird.

That didn’t work either. I tried a random decal off of the toolbox just to make sure it was the script and the button still went away.

Try this out?


Where I found it


Are you sure the image transparency property is set to 0?

So the button and image exists, but when you click it, it gets deleted?

Worked! Thank you!

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