Image Changing issue

I’m using a simple script to change the image of an image label, yet it isn’t working.
Here is my code below:
info.Image.ImageLabel.Image = "rbxassetid://10640186557"

The code works since when I go into the image properties it’s the new asset id.
(The image is also owned by me and approved by Roblox).

Any help is appreciated :heart:


I once again have to point out that the asset ID is not the same as the decal ID.

Refer to this post:

Inputting the asset ID into the properties manually results in:
Screenshot 2022-11-26 at 19.57.42

I’m using a local script since you’re clicking on a GUI so insert service wouldn’t be the most efficient method.

Are you sure that any other GUI objects are not blocking the image from appearing? I had the same issue once, and hated myself once I figured it out.

100% sure it is not the case that. Also there is no way to finding the actual decal ID from an asset ID through scripts without InsertService. The alternative way I mentioned is to copy the correct ID after manually inputting it in an image.

Here is the result when trying to input the original string above.

So there is no physical way for me to change an imagelabel without using insert service?

I already mentioned you could manually look for the other ID which is rbxassetid://10640186534 in this case. This one should lead to the correct image.

InsertService is just an extra step if you have variable decals.

This isn’t a decal it’s an image label.

Nvm forget everything I just said.

Quick question: How do you find the other id? (the rbxassetid://)

Same thing, they use the same property.

About finding the actual image/decal ID, you need to manually input the asset ID into the properties. ONLY THE NUMBERS.

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Ok, thanks for all your help! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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