Image Compression Workaround?

Hey everyone. Recently got a model commissioned for me and textured, the textures were made in 4096x4096, but roblox allows it to go up to 1024x1024, any way to upload the textures to ROBLOX without them being destroyed?


In game:

If there’s anyway to work around the compression, please let me know! If not I’m out of ideas.

Split the mesh and it’s texture into multiple parts, then build and weld them again in studio.

Split up the mesh and reimported but the textures remain the same.

I mean upload separate textures for each part you split, then use it as a texture

Anyway to do this if the textures are already UV Unwrapped?

Unfortunately, I cant help you with this, because im not a modeler

You need to consider texel density.
If you want to send me a dm with your files (blender + maps), I can fix it for you and create a video as well. You need to create a new set of UV-Layouts and optimize the texel density with a 1024x1024 map.

what tool did you use for texturing?
cheers :hugs:

Unsure, It was made off of Fiver. I’d have to ask. As for the maps I assume you mean the Albedo, Normal, Metal, and Roughness?

The maps you created are not useable. Well, sure you can keep them all as they are, but then you will not get rid of the pixelation. You need to split the geo first and make sure you have enough texel density.

Then you need to make sure that:

  • All your UV-Islands have a nice layout (determined by the seams).
  • Then, make sure you have the right uniform scaling
  • Packing for optimization

At this stage, you just prepared the mesh with a good texel density, and a nice, packed UV-layout.
This is just the foundation and your homework you need to do before you even start with the texturing process.