Image Dropdown Property Output

When using the Add Image button (or selecting an already added image) from the dropdown on the Image property of ImageButtons and ImageLabels, it fills in the Image property with a place-specific string rather than the global id in the form of “rbxassetid://1234”.

Other asset uploading methods produce the expected string such as right clicking -> Copy ID inside of Game.Images, etc.

Can we have this method of uploading images automatically fill the image property with rbxassetid://1234 rather than rbxgameasset://Images/image_name?

It can be tedious if you are working in a test place and want to upload an image quickly using the Add Image button, then forget to replace the asset id, causing your main place to fail to load the image later on.


When you export to file or publish elsewhere the id gets replaced with rbxassetid

I export all of my work to backups and you can open any backup and it loads the images fine.

Side note: I actually prefer the syntax that has the image name in it, and I actually get frustrated that if I ever load from a backup or publish to a production place from dev the nice names are all lost and I’m stuck with meaningless ids. :man_shrugging:

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This has been my biggest issue with the studio image uploader since the day it came out. It is absolutely infuriating to have to manually find the image ID some way and to change the image again just to make sure it will display properly across all games.

This absolutely needs to be a thing. 99% of the time I upload images through studio I intend to use them outside of the game I uploaded them in.

Bringing this back because of how unbelievably tedious the workflow for images is.

Selecting this property should bring up a popup window of all your uploaded decals (sorted by date so recent is on top), with an option to input an ID manually above the list.

This would drastically improve the dev time required for opening 20 tabs to get IDs and then copy pasting them one at a time.

New developers often don’t even know how to add images! It’s ridiculous that I’ve seen tutorials on “How to get the ID of the image you’ve uploaded”

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