[IMAGE HEAVY] Cannolies Bar & Grill Progress Thread

Bumping post, updated OP with more pictures showing progress, also changed the threads title.


Wow… that is amazing :open_mouth:

Great job!

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Love the lighting. Looks very cozy.

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Let me play it already… :happy4:

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Me two. But I gotta finish it before I can open it. No one has ever stepped foot in it before, and no one will until it’s finished… I just hope this doesn’t turn into a Seirra Madre event where the world ends the day this opens. :ohmy:

Coming soon. :slight_smile:

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Aw man.

I’ve got a question for you though:
Can you explain to me how you made those leaves?
I’ve been wondering how people do this for quite a long time and want to try it out for my self.


I used his method, cloud mesh + leaves texture + one of my imported trees that I made in blender.

Yeah here’s a tree kit using that method

Gonna bump this since I’m still working on it… As I posted in the wot r u wokin on thread I have done a slight ambience tweak:

I find I like the blueish tint more then the dull lifeless grey of my original work:


What about you guys?

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Well its long over do that I say this. This place is canceled. In 34 minutes I will be posting again with a link to the place for opening to show an unfinished version, after that this place will forever remain inactive and unfinished. If you wanted to see it in game, this is your one chance in 34 minutes.

Place opens at 11:00 PM CTZ and will close at 2:00 AM CTZ.

eh. its open.

What type of filter or effect did you use for the outside streets? I want to apply it to this place, since it could make it look x10 better!

Neon block, havent added shaders to the place, never will.

Oh, I also think you have a good GPU, since the overall quality looks different than my integrated graphics… :yum: